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About Me

What differentiates one web design firm from another? Is it creativity? Cost? Maybe both? I would argue one of the most important factors is how the designer interacts with the client: Does he or she ask the right questions? Are YOUR web needs really being met or are you being presented with what THEY want to sell to you?

One of my best assets is my ability to ask the right questions (and believe me, I ask alot of them) so I can assess what you REALLY need. My clients like working with me because I make the entire process simple. "Tell what you are trying to accomplish," I will say, and we take it from there.

I pride myself in being highly responsive. What does this mean? Well, it means that once we are done with a particular project, I don't disappear and become difficult to reach. If you have a question, I am always happy to try and help. In this business, referrals are paramount, so I keep my past clients happy which in turn, leads me to new clients.