Wordpress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) encompasses a lot more than having relevant keywords in your website’s content. Sure, this is a large component of how your website will be ranked on the major search engines like Google, but it’s not the sole component of SEO. I tell my clients that SEO is a constantly evolving process which needs to be revisited continuously after their site is launched.

In addition to keyword relevancy, there are a multitude of other factors which will directly impact how your site is ranked on the various Search Engines. My WordPress Search Engine Optimization approach will help your site become optimized for the leading search engines and will help ensure that your site has favorable placement on them. While I will never make any guarantees on “first-page” placement, I will guarantee that all of my methods are considered “white-hat” practices and will not compromise your site’s integrity. Be warned: Anyone who does promise things like top placement on Google in a very short time frame is very likely using illicit practices which could get your site permanently banned.

Localized SEO Landing Pages

One of my more popular SEO approaches works extremely well for those businesses who operate in multi-city or multi-state areas, such as service industries. I am able to construct extremely targeted landing pages for your local clientele in order to help boost your company’s visibility in specific geographic regions. The website campaign will help strengthen your foothold in specific communities and will help drive customers looking for your specific services directly to your site. Target clients by city or even by zip codes. I will work with you to determine how many unique landing pages your business requires and assist with crafting highly relevant copy to help promote your business in those specific areas. The options are limitless.

Google Local Listings

When perspective clients search Google for a business or service, local results are usually returned. Wouldn’t it be great to have your business appear within those search results? Creating and maintaining your Google Places profile is an absolute must for your overall SEO strategy.

Your Google Places profile will provide customers with pertinent information about your business including your exact location along with a map and directions, your hours of operation, customer reviews, and any other information about your business you’d like to share. Best of all, Google provides this service for free! Why miss out on perspective customers? Contact me so we can get your Google Place profile updated as soon as possible!

Social Media Integration and Blogging

Facebook has become increasingly important for today’s businesses to leverage in order to reach customers. I will work with you to construct a Facebook presence as well as make sure your website and Facebook page can boost overall SEO scores by leveraging one another. If relevant, I can also begin incorporating Twitter and YouTube feeds directly to your site to help spread your web presence and assist with your SEO strategy.

Blogging is a core component of any WordPress site. As such, when I design a new WordPress website for your business, blogging functionality is already embedded and available for you to utilize. Nevertheless, you should realize that blogging is not for everyone. I have many clients who choose not to blog on their websites simply because they either do not have the time for it or their business is not conducive for blogging. I tell my clientele that if you cannot commit to updating your WordPress blog on a semi-consistent basis with fresh content, it’s better to not blog at all.


On Page Search Engine Optimization

SEO is comprised of both on-page and off-page components. The off-page components are usually the pieces of the SEO puzzle which require some additional marketing campaigns to help bolster site reputation and popularity. This would include back-links, social media mentions, etc. The on-site SEO component can be influenced when I create your custom WordPress website. This would include such things as the “permalink” name chosen for each page within your site, your individual page titles and descriptions, the wording found within each page, etc. In addition, your website’s URL and sitemap will be submitted to the major search engines like Google and Bing to make sure they are aware your site has just been refreshed and needs to be revisited. I will work with you to help bolster your site’s on-page SEO scores so Google and Bing will look favorably toward your site.

Costs for SEO services are highly variable and are tied to the scope and duration of the specific SEO campaign. Contact me to find out more about my SEO services.