1) Initial Meeting

I will meet with the client to gather requirements for the pending project. We can meet either in person if nearby or over the phone or Skype. One of my best assets is my ability to ask the right questions (and believe me, I ask alot of them) so I can assess what you REALLY need. My clients like working with me because I make the entire process simple. “Tell what you are trying to accomplish,” I will say, and we take it from there.

2) Project Scope / Cost Estimate

Once I have all the items the client mentioned in our meeting, I will go back and draft a cost estimate detailing all the functionality the new site will contain. The client will receive a written estimate with the details (scope, functionality, and time to completion) and can choose if they would like to proceed with the project.

3) Deposit

Assuming all the items on the cost estimate are acceptable to the client, a 50% deposit is due before any work begins, the remaining balance is owed once the site goes live. The reason for this request is because website design can take some time to complete. It is a very iterative process, which involves the client and I to continuously make improvements and changes to the site until the client is satisfied. There could be several weeks before the site finally launches. Requesting a percentage up front allows me continue working on your site while also protecting me in case the client decides to change their mind and scrap the project once it has already been underway.

4) Demo Site

Once the deposit is received, I will begin work on your site, gathering any necessary materials I need. I will then create a “demo” site under my domain which will illustrate a rough idea of what the final site will look like. Please note that this demo will not be fully functional and will merely serve to give you a visual perspective of the final site.

5) Review with Client / Go-Live

I will schedule some time with the client either in person or through WebEx to review the demo and explain any remaining work to be done. If the client is happy, I will continue work on the site until all agreed to requirements are fully functional, at which point the site will need to be reviewed once again by the client prior to go-live. When I get confirmation from the client that the site meets their approval, it will be migrated to the client’s domain and made visible to the outside world. The remaining balance of the total cost is due immediately upon the site going live.

6) Training

Once your site is live, we’ll setup some more time to review the site from beginning to end, making sure that I answer any questions you may have and leave you comfortable taking ownership of the new site.