WordPress Website Services

WordPress Website Design comprises the majority of the websites I build these days. WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) which is quite popular these days. There are several reasons why I prefer to build sites using WordPress:

  • Cost – since it’s open source, WordPress is Free to install and use
  • Ease of Use – WordPress has an extremely user-friendly “dashboard” screen which allows clients to make quick content changes to their site without possessing any programming skills.
  • Themes – professionally designed themes which contain a plethora of layouts and advanced functionality, which I then customize to your specific needs
  • SEO Friendly – Search Engines like Google have an easier time crawling through sites built on WordPress, which equates to better Search Engine Optimization scores and better visibility.
  • Plug-Ins – third-party applications which extend baseline functionality of WordPress at little or no cost.
Since WordPress is so versatile, it’s uses are virtually limitless. It can be used for a branded company website, to showcase talent for a photographer or artist, or simply as a blogging tool to publish articles on any topic. I will work with you to help understand what it is you are trying to achieve and build a site that meets those requirements. The website design process will help you better understand how I operate.

Website Pricing Policy

For all new projects, I will normally quote the estimated cost in terms of a total dollar amount, rather than an estimate of my total time in hours. My rationale for this approach is based on the concept that when starting a project from scratch, it’s often difficult to ascertain how much time a design can actually take to complete. When the customer isn’t paying by the hour, it allows both parties to not worry about escalating costs and focus on the project itself. Normally, my total estimate will have some “take-or-give” percentage to account for unforeseen situations which may arise. This allows the customer to know the extent of costs before beginning a new project.

50% of the cost is due before any work begins, the remaining balance is owed once the site goes live. Website design is a very iterative process, which involves the client and I to continuously make improvements and changes to the site until the client is satisfied. There can be several weeks before the site finally launches. Requesting a percentage up front allows me continue working on your site while also protecting me in case the client decides to change their mind and scrap the project once it has already been underway.

Once both sides agree the project is completed, any future modifications are quoted by the hour at a specified rate. I will gladly make any minor changes to the site for the first 2 weeks of its launch. This would include any changes which take about 15 minutes or so to complete. If the client needs a change which requires a more substantial amount of my time, that change will be quoted in terms of hours to completion.

Maintenance plans are available by which all support is already included in the total cost of the project for a specified period of time. This would include any fixes for site corruption, updates/patches, etc. Please note maintenance plans do NOT include any new work to the site, only the maintenance of whatever content/functionality is already there. The benefit of maintenance plans is that it ensures your site is constantly up to date with all the latest security patches and that any issues that do arise will not be billed to you on an hourly basis since that service is already included in the overall price of the maintenance plan.

Website Packages

The pricing tables below are meant to give perspective clients a basic idea of how much some various website packages will cost. If your website needs are not covered by any of the sample packages listed below, please get in touch with me so we can tailor a packages to your specific needs.

WordPress Basic Package
Starting at $800
Up to 5 pages
  • Domain/Hosting configuration
  • WordPress database installation
  • Configuration of requested functionality
  • Page creation and input of client supplied content (up to 5 pages, additional cost for extra pages)
  • Styling/Branding to match your company or organization
  • Implementation of standard WordPress theme
  • On page Search Engine Optimization
  • Minimal CSS styling of colors and fonts
  • Social Media Integration
  • Basic Contact Us Form
  • Basic Image Gallery/Slider
  • Submission of your site to the search engines
  • 1 hour training session