Urgent WordPress Repair Services

With so many moving parts comprising WordPress, issues can and do arise from time to time. If you are suffering from a broken or poorly functioning website, I can be reached to provide WordPress Emergency Support. Most often, there is a fix for the problem and your site can be back on line in no time.

Most Common issues Fixed include:

  • WordPress site is slow or doesn’t load completely
  • WordPress site displays blank white screen
  • PHP or mySQL Error Messages are seen
  • Problems Installing WordPress
  • Conflicts with WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Theme Not Properly Rendering
  • WooCommerce Issues
  • BuddyPress Problems
  • Gravity Forms Troubleshooting

Three Simple Steps To Repair:


You get in touch with me and describe the issues you are seeing with your site. You’ll need to provide me with your WordPress Administrator account information. I may also need your hosting account login or FTP credentials in order to access files located on your server. I’ll login to the site and estimate how long it’ll take me to fix the problems you described.


Assuming you are in agreement with my estimate for repair and would like to proceed, I will bill you in advance for the total hours quoted using a secure PayPal invoice. The first hour is billed at $125 and each subsequent hour (if needed) is billed at $75. Please note that there is a one hour minimum for all WordPress Emergency Services.


Once your payment is received, I will tend to your site and address any issues encountered. All site content will be backed up before any work begins to ensure no data is lost or corrupted. Once the problem is resolved, I will reach out to you with the cause (if known) and resolution so you can avoid a recurrence of the same issue going forward.