• Before any work begins, any fees and costs will be discussed and agreed upon as well as a summary of the project scope.
  • Cost overages may result if the scope of the project changes and/or any drastic changes are requested.
  • A 50% deposit is required before any work commences
  • All work will be complete on the time agreed upon.
  • Once the project is deemed complete by both parties, the full remainder of the project balance is due. I will make your site live, however, you will not have access to any administrative functionality on the site until the invoice balance is received.
  • If a project is excessively delayed by the client ( and the client neglects to make final payment or sign off that the work is complete) because of disorganization, lack of content, lack of communication, and so on, additional fees for the extra time will apply.
  • All invoices can be paid by cash, check or any major credit card through PayPal.
  • Clients are responsible for paying the invoice balance upon receipt. If paying through PayPal, there is a 2 day grace period. After 2 days late, the client will be responsible for late fees of an additional 10% of the total. On the 5th day an additional $10 a day until paid in full.. Those clients paying by check will receive a 7 day grace period with the same late fees applying as well.
  • Monthly maintenance and support services are billed the month in advance.
  • Any materials provided to me by the client for use in their website (ie: pictures, text, etc) must be owned by them or used with appropriate permission. I am not responsible for any submitted materials which may infringe on copyright laws.

Refund Policy:

In the off-chance that some unforeseen circumstance arises and the project needs to be terminated or the client is not completely satisfied with the quality of work, the following guidelines mandate my refund policies:

  • Any cancellations that occur before work has begun, are eligible for a refund of the deposit, minus $100.
  • The deposit for custom design cannot be refunded.
  • Any costs for licenses, images, or other materials secured for your project cannot be refunded. Clients will receive a refund of the balance of the deposit, minus $100.
  • After we meet to review a demo version of the new site, you will have 48 hours to contact me in the event you would like to terminate the project. In the even that you attempt a cancellation after 48 hours of completion, you are still responsible for the full balance of the agreed upon cost and you will not receive any materials, access to your website, or any work that has been done until the balance is paid.